Pro Home Systems is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art security and audio-video resources and solutions to architects, interior designers, general contractors, business owners, and homeowners who are looking to enhance their spaces with advanced technologies. Our expertise lies in providing cutting-edge systems that seamlessly blend with any design aesthetic, ensuring a harmonious integration of technology and architecture for our valued clients.


We assist architects in designing residential and commercial spaces that will accommodate the latest in security and/or audio-video technologies, hook-ups and cable, etc., so that they may be installed at the time of building or added on in the future. We also provide valuable assistance to architects who wish to retrofit existing spaces for today¹s technological upgrades.

Interior Designers

We assist interior designers in creating and appointing residential and commercial spaces to accommodate state-of-the-art security systems and/or audio-video technologies. Frequently, interior designers require that technological amenities be virtually “invisible” in a decorating scheme‹a home theater screen that “disappears” when not in use, for example‹and we are able to accommodate such requirements. We work with designers to accomplish “seamless” networking, intercom and automation within a home or business.

General Contractors

We assist general contractors in building state-of-the-art homes and office spaces by helping facilitate and network the wiring and cabling necessary‹as the building goes up. This puts the technological capability in place and ready for the homeowner or business owner to use.

High-Tech Homes Mean Higher Profits for Builders

Home automation is a booming segment of the residential construction market, but builders and remodelers should know that they don’t have to become installers themselves to get a big chunk of the profits. By knowing how to sell automation products and upgrades to their clients, as well as choosing and working with dedicated automation professionals, contractors can really see a surge in their bottom line.

Business Owners

Business owners may require our expertise for security, fire detection, digital signage and protection against loss of inventory. We also install background music systems that can contribute to the calm and comfort of clients and customers, and we set up single and multi-zone paging systems that increase employee efficiency and ease of communication.

Home Owners

We make sure your home has the state-of-the-art technology to keep your family and your prized possessions safe and secure. Our home security systems include a wireless option, cameras, and, if you desire, home automation built right into the security system. Some features of integrated home automation are voice, data and video cabling, computer networking, distributed audio and video, media rooms and intercoms and, of course, home theaters.

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At Pro Home Systems we believe the service we offer to be as important as the products we sell and install. Therefore, it is our wish to offer our customers an easy solution to get answers and information.

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